-EST. 1993-

It is the mission statement and strategy of P.C. Waste Paper to maximise the volume of recyclable waste through efficient reclamation and redistribution.

This is to be done in a sustainable manner in offering a viable and tailor made option from reclaimer to end user.

Optimising our planet`s renewable resources and promoting a cleaner, sustainable environment enhances our mission further.


About P.C. Waste Paper

Established in 1993, P.C. Waste began its foundation in the facilitation of recycling of waste paper and kraft. Plastic (PET, HD, PP) was added soon to ensure a full service given to all suppliers and customers. In 2011 the company underwent a management change. This resulted in further enhancement by expansion of its already wide supplier and mill network. The location in central Johannesburg provides easy access to all major industrial areas, allowing for effective receiving and collection of recyclable waste. Not only do we service local suppliers and customers, but have a national and international fingerprint which further reduces the need for increasing landfills on our continent.


P.C. Waste is a family company that operates in a professional and friendly environment and offers all of its suppliers and customers a mutually beneficial working experience.

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5 Roger street,
Johannesburg, 2001
Tel: 011 493 5963 / 77

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